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Reviewed on: July 30,2017

my son got an escape charge after going to appeals court, how can i find out what happened

I have a son in Valdosta state prison i wanted to know if he has been in prison for two years and came back to his home state Georgia for a appeal court date and the next day sent back to Valdosta state prison and when he go back they told him he had an escape charge pending on him and he's in lock down we trying to find out some information on the situation. How do we as his family go by seeking help for him and finding out when this happen and where this happen at who we can talk to help him out in this case.

Asked: July 14,2015
Ask the inmate answer

You can check with the GDC inmate locator to see if they are listing anything about his appeal and/or added time to his sentence with an escape charge. You can also call the facility and ask to speak to a case manager or counselor and see if they will give you any information.

Accepted Answer Date Created: July 15,2015

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