Reviewed on: October 09,2015

So,my fiancè is in Bristol County House of Corrections, Dartmouth Ma. He was in there in October, got out in February, then went back in there in May and is there for 16 months. He has completed programs, he works, he is in school, hes doing great, hes getting all of his good time. But, whenever I go for a visit they say im not allowed. They told me I AM on the visiting list but I am not allowed at that time. Does anyone know why this would happen?

Asked: October 08,2015
Ask the inmate answer
If you are certain that the days you have come are days where his unit has visitation. If you are coming on the right day, then most probably he had his visitation privileges suspended for one reason or another. If you are approved but he cannot come to visit, that is what it sounds like to us. You might write him a letter and ask what happened.
Accepted Answer Date Created: October 09,2015

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