Reviewed on: May 05,2016

My wife was taken into custody on a bond revocation release was denied when can she call?

My wife was taken into custody yesterday on a bond revocation and bond release was denied today at court. I was told she was taken to ccs which is 40 minutes from courthouse she hasn't made it to a phone in two days and I can't give her book money which brings me to the question how long should it be before she gets her number I see other inmates on registration to ia or will she be able to get phone priviledges

Asked: May 14,2014
Ask the inmate answer
This depends upon the jurisdiction and the type of security the facility your wife is being held maintains. Sometimes they are able to call immediately and others require an orientation be attended before being allowed. Let us know other information if available - we might be more specific.
Accepted Answer Date Created: May 15,2014

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