Reviewed on: May 28,2016

Probationer failed several drug tests then stopped reporting. Will they make him serve out the rest of his probation time?

Okay, My old man did all his time plus got sent to turtle creek which he got his certificate, and then I guess well at least for him he had to take two year probation after serving fed time, anyways after turtle creek he failed several drug tests then stopped reporting. Will they give him credit for the rehab since he finished it, and since he has done all his time, no new charges. or are they going to make him sit out the rest of his paper?? First violation, no new charges , and had done his whole time that he was originally sentenced, but then they put him on two year probation?

Asked: May 22,2016
Ask the inmate answer
The violation is the problem. And you said he failed several. He will have to go before the original sentencing judge to learn his fate. This does not normally go well, as the judge will be deciding the next phase after they already gave your loved one a break. Our guess is that the classes he completed will have little impact on the new sentence - he will probably have to finish out some or all of the remaining time incarcerated.
Accepted Answer Date Created: May 23,2016

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