Reviewed on: October 28,2015

So my child's father is currently in a county jail but has been sentenced to a state prison 8 years first 2 suspended so he will do 6 years I'm not sure?? how long does it take to transfer an inmate to prison?? Do most county jails and state prisons allow children to visit if accompanied by parent??

Asked: October 27,2015
Ask the inmate answer
If his sentence is 8 years, he will most likely do 85% of that amount. This means he will do 6,8 years less the two suspended, of 4.8 years. If he is awaiting transfer, it could be tomorrow or up to several weeks. It depends on space and scheduling. they will definitely not let you know in advance when they will move him. Visitation is usual determined by the custody level of the prison. You might try calling the facility once he is there and ask to speak with the case manager, counselor or unit team secretary to get more information.
Accepted Answer Date Created: October 28,2015

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