Reviewed on: April 18,2016

What will happen to a parolee who caught a charge in another state?

Hi, what do you think would (most likely) happen if somebody is arrested n most likely going to be charged with something in one state but is on parole in another state ?? Would he serve time in other state first or be transported right back because he's state property already ??

Asked: January 30,2016
Ask the inmate answer
He will face charges in one state and if found guilty be given a harsher penalty than someone not on parole. He will enter this state's prison system with a detainer. Once that is completed he will most likely be picked up by a sheriff from the state where he is on parole. He will be held until meeting with a judge from that jurisdiction. The bureau of prisons will give input as to what they would want in the way of more time. It will usually be the amount of time that the parole erased.
Accepted Answer Date Created: January 31,2016

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