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Reviewed on: December 14,2018

Why would the bail people tell me it wouldn’t be worth writing a bond for my fiance?

My fiancé called to let me know he got picked up. He had a warrant for his arrest. He wanted me to bail him out of jail but, I spoke to the bail people and they told me it wouldn’t be worth it. They would still keep him. Would that be true?

Asked: December 13,2018
Ask the inmate answer

We are focused on the sentence, "the bail people said it wouldn't be worth it". Depending on the conditions for the bail as set by the magistrate at the arraignment, the bail bondsman's reply sounds like they are weighing their risk. The bonding company must guarantee the court that your fiance will appear for all court dates. If the amount is too high, or the court thinks the offender is a flight risk, either they feel he might flee or they know something (not disclosed in the question) and will not even take your money.

Accepted Answer Date Created: December 14,2018

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