Reviewed on: March 12,2019

will this discount package cover all charges? it’s currently costing my inmate 1.85 to connect, and 88 cents a minutes. my monthly package will cover all of that correct because i don’t want our calls to be taken out of his call money

Asked: March 10,2019
Ask the inmate answer

The InmateAid Discount Phone service will reduce the cost from $1.85 to connect and $0.88 cents/minute to a flat rate of only $0.21/minute.

This payment still goes to Securus but the difference in a 15-minute call is significant. Your number is $15.05, our number is $3.15, a savings of $11.90 per call.  

InmateAid stretches his call money 5 for one!

Accepted Answer Date Created: March 12,2019