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Subject: Visitation
Most detention centers do not allow conjugal visits. There are a few state systems that allow it but none in county or federal. The visits are not "intimate" and depending upon the custody level of your inmate, you might not even have contact. The county jails are difficult to assess as the visitation rules differ. We would advise calling them and getting specific instructions to be sure.
Subject: General prison/jail questions
The federal "hole" is known as the SHU (Special Housing Unit). The length of time for administrative segregation is usually determined by a single staff member called the DHO (Disciplinary Hearing Officer). Your inmate will be allowed to have one BOP staff member "vouch" for your inmate's character. The DHO's decision is final. It can be as little as "time served" or as much as 6-12 months depending on the severity of the offense and the information that the others...
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Subject: Family services
The best way to get through with an emergency is the inmate's  counselor, their case manager or in extreme cases the chaplain.
Subject: General prison/jail questions
Absolutely, inmates awaiting sentencing may make telephone calls. InmateAid has a program to cut the cost of inmate calls by up to 90%, in some cases. Email or call 866-966-7100 for details.
Subject: Sending mail inside
It depends on the facility and the circumstances that are in place when the mail arrives. We estimate that it takes 2-3 business days to get to the mail room. Once there, the staff opens each piece of mail, usually reads the contents of the message for threats or salacious photos. There can be no inmate-to-inmate correspondence or inference. This process sometimes delays the actual mail call delivery.
Subject: Offender phone calls
InmateAid gets you a telephone number that is local to the jail. It will ring on your telephone number, which will remain the same. Local calling prices are as much as 90% less than long distance calls. You will only pay the jail telephone company for the local call, InmateAid provides the long distance at about 6.6 cents per minute.  
Subject: Offender phone calls
Our service gets a local teelphone number for your inmate to use. The prison prepaid service used without a local number cost 8-10 times more. If you have more questions please feel free to write or email at aid@inmateaid.com
Subject: Bond questions
This depends upon the jurisdiction and the type of security the facility your wife is being held maintains. Sometimes they are able to call immediately and others require an orientation be attended before being allowed. Let us know other information if available - we might be more specific.
Subject: Offender phone calls
You may use our letter writing service to notify your inmate of the new number, we will give you a coupon code which will pay for it. If they are moved to a different facility send us an email at aid.inmateaid.com with the new facility name and state, we will have the new number for you within an hour
Subject: Residential drug abuse program (rdap)
Once the inmate is designated, they will go through Orientation. After that process, they will meet with their counselor and unit team manager. All of the sentencing recommendations and the report from the PSI will be in his folder. He should begin the process of letting them know he would like to be considered. He will write a "cop out" to the head of RDAP at that facility who will schedule an interview. Once interviewed, the findings are sent to...
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