Reviewed on: January 25,2018

A question for all inmates...... Do you have more then one female you write, email and call? And how true are you with the females? Last one left for the best.... Do you mean to play mind games with them as well?

Asked: January 22, 2018
Ask the inmate answer

Yes, we have more than one person write. When you're locked up you have nothing but free time. To us, the more letters, the better. For calls, in federal inmates may only talk 300 minutes per month (400 minutes in Nov. and Dec.), state inmates can talk all day if they have the funds on their account. Many penpals will send money so that the inmate will call them. Some do, some don't

We don't mean to play mind games, BUT, the truth is that as an inmate you want the connection to the outside world. To us, we don't care who it is as long as we have some connection. Inmates are going to say pretty much anything you want to hear to keep them engaged. It is when we are released we go back to acting like assholes (sorry).

Advice: Don't believe everything they say and definitely don't go broke sending them money. It's nice to do if you have a little extra, but don't make your own lifestyle harder to make an inmate's easier.

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