Reviewed on: January 30,2017

Can an inmate respond back to you thru this service

Hello and good evening. Can an inmate respond back to you thru this service or thru email? Also I sent mail via here. How would I know if it was received? How much is the minimum balance for an inmate to call you with the setup account? Thanks!

Asked: November 20,2016
Ask the inmate answer

Yes, the inmates may write you through our Letters from Inmates service. We are essentially being your postal address, the inmates writes back to you with our address, we scan it into your account and you can access it through your My Account portal. Inmates have no Internet access. People like the privacy this affords, some do not want their own address used.

We estimate it takes 2-3 business days for the mail to reach the facility. Once there, the staff actually opens and examines every piece of incoming mail for suitability, before handing it out. There is no notification system. Either the inmate gets the mail and lets you know or we get it back and investigate the reason for the return. Most often it is an incorrect inmate number of location. We resend the returned mail at no charge. 

The phone minimums are a little more tricky. Each facility chooses a single phone carrier. That is whom you must use to receive calls. Our service will make their service several dollars per call less expensive for your inmate to use. Since there is no blanket answer, we are happy to give you an honest estimate based on the facility and your current telephone number. If you send us an email to, we will let you know if it's benefici before you spend any money. If we can help, we would be happy to discount your purchase with a coupon for the first transaction.

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