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Reviewed on: April 09,2017

I currently have a Connect Network GTL account, how do I merge the numbers

how do I set up account to get the discount telephone service? I currently have Connect Network GTL. How do I merge the accounts. how would my inmate know what number to call?

Asked: April 08,2017
Ask the inmate answer

You can contact GTL and ask them to swap the number you have for the number we provide. In almost every case nationwide with GTL, there is a $4.00 per call savings with our numbers. You might also let them know on their last call to your old number about the change - most inmates already know about the service and probably alerted you to contact us.

Regardless, we offer a coupon for a free letter or postcard with the purchase of the line to notify your inmate of the change.

Accepted Answer Date Created: April 09,2017

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