Reviewed on: June 02,2016

Can we get a furlough for the father of a hospitalized infant daughter?

my fiancé is at Sumter Correctional institution in Bushnell, Florida, is a role model inmate, has never been written up or even a warning for anything and also is in the work camp at the prison in minimum custody. He even goes out the gate to work. Our 2 yr old daughter is in the ICU at ALL CHILDRENS HOSPITAL in St.Petersburg FL. I know its a long shot but it cant hurt to try, I need to know the steps how to get a furlough request even in front of the warden? please help me bring a dad home to a little girl that needs him to pull through.

Asked: May 20,2016
Ask the inmate answer
You will need to contact the chaplain, your inmate's counselor and then finally the warden (who make the final decision). If your depiction of your inmate is exactly as you describe, there is a very good chance that you can coax a furlough out of the warden. The minimum custody level give him the absolute best chance. Just start with the chaplain and they will give you your best path as they know the inner-workings of the facility he works in. We wish your daughter a speedy recovery!!
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