Reviewed on: June 02,2018

Do all male inmates lie to their girlfriends and/or wives about not talking to other women while they serve their time or is it just mine? Is there a way to find out who he is calling or getting visits and money from?

Asked: June 01,2018
Ask the inmate answer

We cannot say that all male inmates lie to their significant other because there are some men that still value the family and monogomy. That is two-way street by the way. Inmates are unable to control their life any longer, they cannot control their family situation in any way but on the phone, in writing or at visitation. That loss of control leads to paranoia. Their woman is out on the street, alone and no one is checking her. So, you can bet that if they call and you don't answer, they already think the very worst.

But you know your man, did he run around when he ws on the streets or did he stay at home? If you are suspicious becasue he did this on the street, there is nothing you can do about it. Anyone can write him, he can call anyone and he can place anyone on his visitation list. All of his information is protected by the same privacy laws you see out here - you cannot get the information unless it comes from him. 

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