Reviewed on: April 15,2016

How long does it take before an inmate gets out of the intake process?

I have sent several letters and postcards to my daughter but have not heard anything yet! I know that she is in what they call intake (and I know she has money on her books because I put it there) When will I get to hear from her to know she is ok? She received a 3 years sentence when she left the county jail here she had like 190 days to take with her how does it count?

Asked: March 11, 2016
Ask the inmate answer
The state intake process is a bit lengthy as they go through several staff interviews that range from medical, psychological to educational assessment and work/job profiling. Once they are settled into a routine, the communication between you two will improve and be more often. A three year sentence requires that 85% of be served. The 15% is considered good time and is given to all inmate upon arrival. An inmate can only lose good time by getting incident reports. If she did 190 days in county, it will count as time served towards her effective 30.6 month requirement.
Accepted Answer Date Created: March 12,2016

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