Reviewed on: September 29,2016

How long will it take for my son to get the three books we ordered if he's in solitary?.

My son is in county in isolation! They put him there because 2 inmates jumped him while he was on the phone with my daughter and was talking to her and she heard the whole thing when it was going on. My question is he has been in there for over 45 days and the only thing he has is books but the books my daughter ordered him they keep saying they didn't come in yet and Amazon says they where delivered over last Wed and Thurs. How long will it take for him to get these three books.

Asked: September 26,2016
Ask the inmate answer

They should be delivered to him at the next mail call if they are sitting in the mail room. You might try calling the facility and ask to speak to the officer in charge of the mail room. Tell them in the most respectful way what you know, what Amazon told you and see if you can get somewhere with a little kindness - it always helps

Accepted Answer Date Created: September 27,2016

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