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Reviewed on: June 19,2019

How much time would you get for a third time arrest trying immigrate to the US?

My husband is in for his third entry he had a 20 no entry to united states how much time will he be looking at

Asked: June 19,2019
Ask the inmate answer

Hopefully, he won't have to do any time but with this current administration, we have no idea what kind of time they are handing out third timers.

The "zero tolerance" enforcement policy is to charge every person “illegally entering” the U.S. along the southwest border with a crime. Asylum seekers would be prosecuted under section 1325(a) of the 8 United States Code (U.S.C.), which states that “improper entry by alien” is a federal misdemeanor with a first offense carrying maximum fines of $50 to $250 and/or a six-month prison sentence. 

Accepted Answer Date Created: June 19,2019

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