Reviewed on: March 24,2018

I have a violation on my probation for non-payment. I was a victim of a disaster from Hurricane Harvey and had to get assistance from FEMA. I have the documents to prove it. What can I do to prove that I can't pay because I don't have anythin?

Asked: March 22,2018
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Violation of probation is a serious offense. You are let out early but you must comply with the rules. The probation officers will work with you if you are straight. BUT, you either have to make an effort to show good faith or you will certainly go back to the detention center you were released early from. You can arrange a meeting with your probation officer and show them your "documentation". It is my feeling that you could show how much welfare you were receiving and make a payment based on that source of income. It's better than going back.

Accepted Answer Date Created: March 24,2018

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