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Reviewed on: October 07,2015

I keep hearing of something called MSR. It has something to do with a inmate being released on parole or sent to a half way house for the rest of their time, if their time is under 6 or 8 months. Is this true or a myth?

Asked: September 03,2013
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Mandatory Supervised Release (MSR) is the end portion of a federal sentence. This has replaced parole which does not exist in the federal system any longer. After an inmate completes 85% of their sentence they are sent to a halfway house or Community Corrections Center (CCC) to complete the final 6 months or less. Some of this time can be served on home confinement. AFTER release from the CCC, supervised release takes over. That period of time is set by the judge, usually 3-5 years.
Accepted Answer Date Created: September 04,2013

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