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Reviewed on: December 09,2015

I sent $50.00 through Western Union last night. Is this money how I pay for letters or postcards from our "Unfortunately Incarcerated"? Sorry, but that's how I respond when anyone asks where Graham is. If not, inmateaid says that I would pay for his response - I guess I need to know how? Credit card every time seems confusing. Also, thanks for the response to my two parent families. It made complete sense.

Asked: December 07,2015
Ask the inmate answer
The money that you sent to your inmate via Western Union goes on their books at the institution. That money may be used for commissary purchases and in some cases phone service. People using our Inmate Response letter service do so in lieu of providing the inmate with their own address. We are working on creating a solution whereby you would place a minimum amount of money in a "Wallet" and then it would deduct every transaction off the balance.
Accepted Answer Date Created: December 08,2015

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