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Reviewed on: April 19,2016

My boyfriend was stopped for his second DUI, blames me and now won't write back, what should I do?

I was in the car the night my boyfriend was stopped for his second DUI. He is very angry at me and blames me. He would get mad at me and stop talking to me and then make up. He started an argument before he was sentenced and now I'm not on his visitors list and he won't respond to my letters. Should I stop writing?

Asked: November 13,2015
Ask the inmate answer
He was drinking and driving, got stopped and blames you? This sounds like a "him problem". If he is that arrogant to do something wrong and blame another person without taking any responsibility himself, we think it might be a good idea to let him cool off for a while. If he isn't going to write you, he's the one missing out. You are free to come and go, and since you can't visit - go about your life he doesn't sound worth it. If you ignore him, he will definitely try and make up, again.
Accepted Answer Date Created: November 14,2015

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