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Reviewed on: June 26,2018

if you go back for a violation can you still get good time early release?

OK this my boyfriend first time vop and the judge gave him a year in state prison will he have to do the whole year or will he get out on good behavior BC the time he was sitting there before he went to court didn't count.and this his first time violating

Asked: June 22,2018
Ask the inmate answer

Probation violation is stupid. Inmates that are granted an early release need to be smart enough to follow the guidleines so this doesnt happen again. And the judges penalize the stupidity, or more brazenly the disregard for the judge's previous leiniency. Your boyfriend could be sentenced to finishing his original sentence. He got his break last time, this time he will not be given that good fortune. Hopefully, this time he learns his lesson... i learned my lesson and didn't violate.

Accepted Answer Date Created: June 23,2018