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Reviewed on: October 07,2015

My boyfriend is not prison material, he want s to hurt himself looking a over two hundred days in prison.he is being classified and he is afraid of where they might send him next.he has been threatened to get stabbed by another Inmate, I have tried calling the prison for help for him.no answer.he doesn't want to "snitch" I guess he is scared.what should he or I do? I'm really scared for him he is in Georgia diagnostic prison..

Asked: February 17,2015
Ask the inmate answer
The diagnostic prison is to assemble information on the inmate for further classification, designation, treatment and programming. Your inmate may not be prison material but very few are when they go in.  There will be an adaptation period where he will need to keep to himself and observe the routine of others and find one that will best fit his personality and interests.  Prison is like a little town with everything that you would see in a community, just in a closed environment where you have much more strict rules than in our open society.   Violence in the prison is not as bad as it might appear on television, but it can get rough if the inmate in question has trouble respecting others. Inmates that are quiet and keep to themselves rarely find themselves in conflict. If they are not seeking trouble, trouble doesn't just happen upon them. Routines and respect are important - reading is a great way to help your inmate pass the time safely. Send books and magazine subscriptions as it gives them something to look forward to at mail call and allows an escape from the everyday boredom that is the biggest problem in prison.
Accepted Answer Date Created: February 18,2015

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