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Rumor has it that the Feds have taken over and that the votes this being on parole system are no longer in each region. They are in Huntsville and in Austin. Also that they are to release 20,000 inmates from each region by 2020. Is this true in any way?

Asked: December 22,2017
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That is a rumor that will never come to fruition. There has not been parole in the federal system for over 25 years and it's not coming back anytime soon with the current administration. Incarceration is big business and it makes big money.

Every year that i was in the federal system, there were rumors of how they were going to offer early release to first-time, non-violent offenders because of "overcrowding" or other reasons. None of them came close. Every year Congresswoman (D-TX) Sheila Jackson Lee would grandstand to her constituency and propose a bill to somehow include sentence reductions for various reasons, some are in our articles section from years past. All the inmates would have their families send in copies of the bills, the jailhouse lawyers would all stay "they know it's gonna pass". FACT: They never get out of committee.

Since the federal Bureau of Prisons operates on a $7b/year budget they are not short on money and are not letting anyone out early unless they complete RDAP (residential drug abuse program), cooperate with the feds convicting someone else, or a presidental commutation.

Unfortunately, inmates will do a minimum of 85% of the sentence noted on their Judgment and Commitment Order.

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