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Reviewed on: January 25,2018

This question is for the ones that did 10 plus years. Did you have a girlfriend when you went in and got sentences? Now that your out how is the connection between you?

Asked: January 25,2018
Ask the inmate answer

Very few relationships make it past 18 months to be totally honest. There are inmates whose girlfriends came to visitation every week, talked on the phone every day, the girlfriend sent money, magazines, books, and the minute they got out they ran, ran, ran. Not sure what the deal is there, but for some reason most ex-inmates have zero loyalty. They get out and just don't want to be tied down to anything. We are not trying to upset you or anyone else reading this, but it's what happened. 

Some guys do stay with the ride-or-die girlfriend but it's a small minority. I for one was in federal for 66 months, lost my girl while there and fought to get her back when I got out. We are still together.


Accepted Answer Date Created: January 25,2018

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