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What will happen with a probation violation if he failed to recharge his tracking bracelet?

In franklin n.c friend did not charge anklet and got vop .on probation. Then got bond and then got a FTA. Total time was 24 months. What do you think he will get now Was not told he could have done 2 mouths and would of been done. What kind of time will he get now

Asked: July 28,2014
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Violations for not charging his anklet sounds like BS to us. ALL of the recharging of ankle bracelets are not requirements of the offender wearing them. They are not to be removed and cannot be charged while being worn. IF there is an issue, the probation officers get a "battery low" warning and then call the person in to have the anklet changed out. There are too many possible variables for us to determine or guess how much time your friend is looking at. The problem is having to face the judge who let him out - now the judge will be in a bad mood for being too lenient, that is not good. He might be facing the original sentence plus some time for altering his detention bracelet.
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