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Reviewed on: March 02,2020

When somebody falls in love with somebody who has killed is it okay to pursue that feeling towards them? Or would you recommend staying away from them or do you believe in second chances?

Asked: February 11,2020
Ask the inmate answer

We all believe in second chances and in fact, InmateAid helps former inmates find great employment opportunities. It is our opinion that falling in love with someone in jail for murder is a slippery slope. First, there is the separation time that is the length of their sentence. Second, that time is not easy to do, waiting for someone to get out, dealing with the bad times (on the phone when he accuses you of cheating even if you're not). Third, the stigma you will have to deal with throughout might be too much to handle (friends and family will think you are throwing your life away). If it was me, the inmate, I would try and convince you to move on with your life. It is also my experience seeing with my own eyes, inmates dump their "ride-or-die" women within weeks (if not days) of their release. That is the strangest thing to me, and I don't have an explanation.

Accepted Answer Date Created: February 12,2020