Reviewed on: May 05,2016

Who would I talk to, to see if he can get a bond for a probation violation?

He was sentenced to 90 days in jail for not having his fine payed on time, he is on probation, I just don't understand why he didn't get a bond? I talked to his lawyer he said he doesn't represent him anymore, called the circuit courts office, she said he represents himself now. So I was gonna try to see if he would be able to get a bond or not. Who would I talk to, to see if he can get a bond? I called his probation officer, and left a message.

Asked: January 22,2015
Ask the inmate answer
A violation makes bond highly unlikely. If he violated for not paying a fine, why didn't you use the potential bail money to pay the fine? Seems like a pretty simple solution to avoid going to jail for three months.
Accepted Answer Date Created: January 23,2015

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