Reviewed on: April 13,2016

Why do inmates leave their women shortly after release, even when they've been loyal and supportive throughout the sentence?

I recently ask a question about what more can i do for my man to make his time easier. I got a good response back from you guys but one thing i need to ask how come when a woman is there for a man, being loyal, sending packages,putting money on his books, writes everyday to him. But the man still accuses her of cheating. Then when he comes home he leaves her. Why when that woman been there when he needed someone the most she was there.

Asked: April 12,2016
Ask the inmate answer
The best answer we can give is that men are one of two ways. They are either loyal and never cheat or they always seek the company of as many women as they can. You already know which type your man is. Whichever type he is, prison is not going to change that. Our answer is NOT meant to make you alter your feelings or tell you what to do. It is however a perspective that you will not get anywhere else. Inmates are great at saying what you want to hear while incarcerated. They will be the sweetest, kindest, most gentle soul on the phone and their letters are fantastic. But unfortunately this is an act most of time to keep their commissary account full and someone to communicate with while they are locked up. We have seen the greatest love affairs in the visiting room, where you'd never think they would ever be apart. As soon as the inmate gets out, there is a short period of time when it is passionate and great and then it all suddenly ends. We do not know why, maybe a psychologist knows - but we've been through it all and this is what we've seen with our eyes. This is how the inmate Survives Prison, and it is at the misfortune of another person who put their life on hold.
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