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Reviewed on: January 30,2017

Are three-way calls from jail allowed?

I was wondering if an inmate could call 3-way on the phone he calls me on? Not having the other person doing the 3-way? Thank you so much for your time

Asked: December 21,2016
Ask the inmate answer

Three-way calls are dangerous for the inmate. Remember, there is a process to be able to receive a call from an inmate. The "no three-way call" rule is actually a rule worthy of enforcement as it allows for an unapproved call recipient to communicate with the inmate. This is considered dangerous for the staff and for the public at large. The prisons and jails spend a lot of money to stop it from happening. Their is software detection on the lines by the carriers that are set to catch the 3-way calls. Inmates seem to always get caught, and the penalties can be pretty harsh. Inmates that get caught will lose phone privileges for sure, maybe visitation and commissary for many months.

It is not worth doing. Trust us, if the calls are too expensive, send us the name of the prison and your phone number, we will give you an HONEST estimate of the savings (if any) before you buy a line from us.

Accepted Answer Date Created: December 22,2016

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