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Reviewed on: December 26,2021

Do your loved ones lie most of the time while incarcerated. I think my husband talks to many woman on the phone and I'm paying for it. Is there a way to pay his bill without giving him money that he can use on the phone to call others

Asked: December 25,2021
Ask the inmate answer

If you are thinking this, then you already know the answer from past experience. It's too much of a generalization to say "most inmates lie to their loved ones", but I've seen inmates be complete dogs to their wives behind their back. Some wives are blindly paying for their commissary, phone, and email. You know your husband better than anyone... if you are suspecting something, you know the deal already. If you want to keep paying but limit the calls to you only, you could get an InmateAid number and it only works on ONE number. Piece of advice... don't go broke supporting him. Keep some for a rainy day. Good luck!

Accepted Answer Date Created: December 26,2021

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