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Hello, what does it mean when the 5year at %50 with 'no lid''? Also does everyone coming out have to have parole ?? Thank you

Asked: November 14, 2014
Ask the inmate answer
The first sentence, 5 year at 50% means that the sentence must be served at least 2.5 years before eligible for parole - "no lid" meaning there is no minimum requirements for release. Conditional release before the planned sentence ends is possible and called parole. Parole for state inmates is a great way to get early release. If the inmate serves 100% of their sentence, there is no parole to be granted. Initial eligibility for parole varies by state. Courts usually set how much has to be served first - 5 years at 50% in your inmate's case. Parole is a privilege, not a right. No one is entitled to early release from prison. Parole won't make a sentence longer. Even if several requests are denied, someone won't stay in prison longer than the initial sentence.The parole process exists now only in the state correctional systems, the federal system did away with parole in the 1980s - federal inmates must serve 85% of their sentence. There is only one way for a federal inmate to get any reduction - RDAP, the drug program that reduces the sentence by 12 months.
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