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Reviewed on: March 02,2020

How does the phone service work

Asked: February 04,2020
Ask the inmate answer

InmateAid does not replace the prison phone company. Our Discount Phone Service works by using software to compare inmate call prices for all of the 25 or so prison phone carriers against all possible tariff scenarios. In 80% of the cases, a change in phone number will reduce the calls by up to 90% (usually 40-50%). 

Some prisons use a system where the LOCAL line is the lowest price. So if you are not local, your calls will be 3-4 times more than a user who is local. We get you a local number which forwards to your cellphone or landline. This action reduces the calls. They are not free, but they give you more calls for the money. This costs you $5.00 per month for federal inmates (they are capped by the BOP at 300 minutes). Use us, save $45/month. 

Other prisons are completely the opposite. For most county jails, the LOCAL and IN-STATE numbers are the most expensive. In those cases, we find the best OUT-OF-STATE number match for you. These are the most expensive calls but they are easy to fix and will reduce your monthly outlay of money you spend on your inmate. For instance, a county jail in Michigan charges $21.75 for a 15-minute call. We get that same call at $3.15 by getting you a better number for the inmate to dial out which will cost you $19.95. The savings from 1-4 calls pays for the service itself... it's a no-brainer if you can get past the thought of paying two companies where the overall money spent is better with two than one.

Accepted Answer Date Created: February 05,2020