Reviewed on: April 17,2018

I get text messages from a friend currently incarcerated. I want to send cash. But want to make sure the info she provided is really in fact her. I didn’t think inmates had access to text messaging

Asked: April 16,2018
Ask the inmate answer

Inmates are not supposed to have access to text messaging. But there is a huge contraband issue smuggling in smartphones into the prisons and jails. This is probably how you are hearing from your loved one but we do not recommend encouraging her to continue. She will definitely get caught, they all do either being sloppy or someone snitching on them that they have it. Once they get ahold of her phone, they will go through all the number dialed and they will be excluded from any call list going forward. Plus, the punishment for having the phone is not something you want her to go through.

Accepted Answer Date Created: April 17,2018

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