Reviewed on: October 07,2015

I'm trying to set up an account with Securus for Yuma AZ facility. Is it possible to also get another account to lower the fees like for instance unlimited calling? Is this possible or is this a scam? My husband is only allowed 1 call per day for 15 minutes IF we use just Securus. With the add on of "prison call solutions" they make it unlimited minutes. Is this true??

Asked: March 18,2015
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The ASPC Yuma facility has a contract with Securus. You have to use them regardless. It is NOT possible to get another account that will replace Securus - you must keep using them. What Prison Call Solutions does is what InmateAid does better. We get a telephone number that will make the calls only $1.84 each. You will still pay Securus $1.84 for each call, but if you are saving over $5.00 per call, the InmateAid flat rate of $19.95 is a must for folks who talk to their inmate everyday.  Don't fall for gimmicks or low-ball advertisements. InmateAid has done it longer and better than any of the others out there - why do you think they pay to advertise on our site?
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