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Reviewed on: October 07,2015

My husband is in Hollis work center. He will be there or in Oklahoma City work center until July or August. Just wanted to make sure this system will work for him there and on to the next place and if it is a better deal?? That is a lot of money for it not to work!

Asked: April 15,2015
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Our system is perfect in all detentions centers, jails and prisons. InmateAid helps navigate the rules and nuances that exist in an industry with varying rules and regulations. If it is the phone service, and your inmate gets moved, InmateAid is the only company that will make changes in your account (like a new number if they get moved) at no additional cost. Let us know what you wish to accomplish and we can help guide you through successfully. 
Accepted Answer Date Created: April 16,2015

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