Reviewed on: May 03,2016

What happens to an inmate's money when they transfer from county to state?

how do I know if my boyfriend received his $40.00 I put on his books in county on 4/22/2016 and they transferred him to Garza west last week 4/24/2016 where is the money

Asked: May 01,2016
Ask the inmate answer
If there is a balance on his books when he leaves county jail, there are a couple of things that could happen. The inmate would fill out a form and designate the money to be sent somewhere (either home or to the new location); if the jail has a reciprocal agreement with the state system, they transfer the money. Since we do not know the name of the county jail we are guessing. You should call the county jail and ask to speak to someone in "inamte accounts" to find out for sure.
Accepted Answer Date Created: May 02,2016