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Reviewed on: August 19,2019

How can I send my letters and photos from my phone over internet?

Merrimack county NH boscawen , can I send my husband letters and photos from my phone over internet? Tried to but not sure if I'm doing something wrong?

Asked: August 09,2019
Ask the inmate answer

Yes, you can. Go to inmateaid.com/letters and follow the steps as you scroll the page. You must locate your inmate. If the inmate is not in our database, it simply means no one has added it. You will create the Inmate Profile page starting with the facility where he is located, Merrimack County NH DOC, Boscawen and add his name and inmate ID number (if known). This information is synced with the data we have on the facility and then we send out the mail for you. All of the pics on your phone, the recent selfies can be zipped over to your inmate, processed instantly.

Accepted Answer Date Created: August 10,2019

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