Reviewed on: November 16,2016

How dangerous are the SCI facilities, my son is smallish and I'm afraid for his safety?

My son is on the short side & doesn't weigh as much as he should. He's serving 5-10. He's done 3 yrs. So far. Do you think he was beaten up or raped when he 1st was committed or the 1st yr or so? & Considering his size, is he always going to be a "victim"? He's @SCI Huntingdon in PA. I know he keeps alot from me ,so I will not worry anymore than I already do, which Has consumed my life. He has been in the RHU several times. Is it possible to that to happen in AN RHU, also??

Asked: September 24,2016
Ask the inmate answer

Any of the state SCI facilities in Pennsylvania are serious institutions. It is possible that your son has been in a few fights or so if he's been in the RHU a few times. But we are not wanting to alarm you becasue it is also possible he beat up someone, instead. The RHU is either for disciplinary reasons or adminstrative reasons. The latter could be protective custody, but we do not think that is the case or he would have been transferred to get away from whatever might have been threatening him. The RHU is isolation, nothing happens there but boredom.

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