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My boyfriend is serving 2 months in Norfolk county jail.. is jail really that bad? do you really get jumped and beat up and stuff over things? I've never been to jail so I'm just curious on how iteven looks inside..I've seen jail shows before, are the seats inthe middle of the room with tables connected? do the tears look the way they do in the shows? He tells me its not that bad that Dedham is a good place too be if your in jail.. I'm always worried he will get in a fight or beat up or something.. how is jail violence work? do the guards actually stop and punish them for doing it?

Asked: April 10,2015
Ask the inmate answer
Two month sentence inmates are called "short-timers". The inmates they will do time with are not interested in fighting unless they feel disrespected. Disrespect can come in many forms but if the inmate keeps to themselves and doesn't create conflict, if they keep their mouth shut, their opinions to themselves nothing will happen. As easy as it is to stay out of conflict and just as easy to get into conflict. If he is telling you it is not that bad, he will be able to make these two months go by without any problems. There are fights that occur in jail, although it is nothing like what you see on television. The guards will break up the fights and usually both inmates will get punished. Normal punishment is to be sent to the SHU (special housing unit) also known as a "the hole". It is merely solitary confinement.
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