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Subject: Marriage in prison
This happens more times than i can remember. For whatever reason, the ride-or-die girls hang with her inmate and when he gets released, the relationship falls apart. I don't know the statistics, but it seems strangely high for something you might not think would happen. No loyalty from these inmates - be careful how you proceed, however, marriage while incarcerated is not the answer.
Subject: After prison services
Yes, very modest attire is the rule in every prison or jail. Prepare to be pat-searched and (possibly strip-searched although this is highly unlikely) before entering. Read this InmateAid article click Visiting an Inmate - 10 easy steps and things you should know and Visiting day at a prison - Things you should be aware of​ for more information.
Subject: Prisoner transfer
It is usually nothing but logistics, the movement always causes anxiety as the rules are not defined, it just sometimes happens. If you're really worried, contact the case manager and simply ask if there is a problem. If you do this humbly, you might get them to pass a message to call you (or write if calling is off for now).
Subject: Survive prison
It's no picnic. After about 48 hours, you could go crazy from boredom. Not worth getting in trouble.
Subject: Bond questions
You can either call the booking desk at the intake facility (they may not give you any information, too) or the Clerk of the Court and request all filings with the Court on the specific case you are interested in. There may be a small fee for printing and/or postage.
Subject: Release questions
We are very reliable as get our data from the Member created inmate profiles and the public information postings on government websites. Very few of them post the release date and offer it when it's a public record. The Department of Corrections or Bureau of Prisons keeps a record of those. some have the release dates and others don't. Sometimes you have to dig further by contacting the Clerk of the Court or US District Court to get the actual sentencing...
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Subject: Law questions - legal terms
You will have to file a motion with the Court to request discovery documents. If you do not know how to write a motion, you will need an attorney to do this for you. 
Subject: Prison violence
He needs to get with his counselor or case manager and request a cell change. This carries some potential danger as the "gang members" will see that as a diss. The other option is to ask to be in Ad Sec (Administrative Segregation) which is essentially solitary confinement but no one would be able to get to him there.
Subject: Law questions - legal terms
A motion for discovery is a motion made to the court by the party of a criminal proceeding or civil lawsuit to obtain information or evidence regarding the case. As an example, a motion of discovery provides the defendant with notes made by an FBI agent during or shortly after interviewing a potential witness.
Subject: After prison services
InmateAid has all of the offerings that you could possibly send an inmate in a prison or jail. Since inmates have a lot of time, reading is something you should encourage, even if reading wasn't a big part of their life on the outside. Using this time in such a way that improves their chances of successful reentry into society. We recommend "the obvious" birthday card and magazines, books, pictures of things you want him to dream about, like you :). If...
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