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Subject: Prison violence
He needs to get with his counselor or case manager and request a cell change. This carries some potential danger as the "gang members" will see that as a diss. The other option is to ask to be in Ad Sec (Administrative Segregation) which is essentially solitary confinement but no one would be able to get to him there.
Subject: Law questions - legal terms
A motion for discovery is a motion made to the court by the party of a criminal proceeding or civil lawsuit to obtain information or evidence regarding the case. As an example, a motion of discovery provides the defendant with notes made by an FBI agent during or shortly after interviewing a potential witness.
Subject: After prison services
InmateAid has all of the offerings that you could possibly send an inmate in a prison or jail. Since inmates have a lot of time, reading is something you should encourage, even if reading wasn't a big part of their life on the outside. Using this time in such a way that improves their chances of successful reentry into society. We recommend "the obvious" birthday card and magazines, books, pictures of things you want him to dream about, like you :). If...
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Subject: Bond questions
There is no standard time frame. If could be a day or it could be several weeks depending on the schedule of the magistrate and the prosecutor who determine the viability
Subject: Release questions
They are returned to you upon full release. Sometimes the many is returned to you on "debit card". Be careful as most of these cards carry hidden fees that charge you every time the card is used. If I were advising the inmate, i would go to a bank and get the entire remaining balance at one time to reduce the number of fee charges to only one time. You could then get a rechargeable debit card at any grocery...
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Subject: Send inmate money
Once it's paid back, you can immediately add money to their trust account.
Subject: Release questions
The jurisdiction where he has outstanding warrants will send marshals or sheriff's department officers to transport him to answer the charges of that warrant. This is known as a "detainer", where one jurisdiction holds an offender for law enforcement of another jurisdiction.
Subject: After prison services
You will have to petition the Court where this case is recorded with your compelling reason for them to expunge the record. You will need some good fortune on your side and it might help if you can locate someone there that can give you some insight as to the right prosecutor and judge to hear your case. This is not an easy thing to accomplish.