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Subject: Bond questions
That revocation will cause the judge to take their time to see him. With his bail revoked, he will be in until they are ready to hear all of the pending charges. 
Subject: Prison discipline
there is no maximum... i knew guys that were in there for their entire bid. it really depends on the infraction and reason for being sent there... for instance, getting caught with a cell phone got one guy 9 months in the SHU another got 18 months in the SHU
Subject: Prison discipline
This happens when an inmate breaks enough rules or has been involved in fighting or smuggling contraband where the administration will change the inmate's classification requiring them to be housed in a more secure facility with fewer freedoms and privileges. Whatever the reason, it's not a good thing for the inmate.
Subject: Survive prison
If you can survive prison, you will be changed forever. The direction of that change is completely up to the person.  There must be a willingness on their part to make the necessary changes in their habits, their thinking, and what they really want in life. It's an uphill battle for sure, but victory is attainable.
Subject: Sentencing questions
You can be held up to two years in most county jails, but once the offender has been convicted, they serve the bulk of their sentence in state. The time spent in county is deducted from the total sentence.
Subject: Sending mail inside
Yes, inmates have privacy reading their mail
Subject: Sending mail inside
You can send tasteful sexy pictures as long as you don't show too much. Anything that shows what is normally covered, even in intimate shots will not be allowed.
Subject: Relationship issues
This question gets asked a lot. The issue at hand is that the privacy of an inmate is the same for people on the outside. The ONLY way to find out who is visiting them or who they are calling is to ask the inmate themselves.  The BOP or any state DOC will not offer that information to anyone without the permission of the inmate
Subject: Relationship issues
Yes, it is excruciating - almost like dying and watching your family go on without you. Your mind plays tricks on you and your self-talk is always questioning whether the wife is faithful. It creates stress, anxiety and fighting on the phone.
Subject: Law questions - legal terms
You will have to contact the inmate's counselor or case manager to find out what the procedure is for the signing of legal documents. It's not a hard process, as this is normal for these facilities.