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Subject: Inmate supplies
No, you cannot send foodstuffs unless they have an arrangement with a commissary pack company. However, we do not see anything showing that they do. You can use Amazon to send them paperback books. Another option would be to put money on their books so that they can shop in the prison commissary which has plenty of options like chocolates, cookies and snacks.
Subject: Inmate search
try vinelink.com
Subject: Sending mail inside
No, there are no lists where female inmates can communicate with male inmates. Any contact or communication attempts between inmates are strictly prohibited. There are, however, services where an inmate can post his name and personal info to prospective pen pals. These are women wishing to write inmates but are not inmates themselves.
Subject: Relationship issues
You cannot get any information from the prison regarding an inmate's visiting list, phone list or who puts money on their books. The inmate's privacy is protected completely. If you suspect that this is still happening, it probably is.
Subject: General prison/jail questions
could you be more specific?
Subject: Commissary
The Northern Reception and Classification Center (NRC) functions as the major adult male intake and processing unit for the entire state of Illinois. The NRC contains 1,800 beds in 24 housing units. Within the NRC is also the Stateville Minimum Security Unit. Inmates are admitted to the NRC in reception status. They remain in this status until they are transferred to a permanent institution. Privileges and movement are limited at the reception center. There is no set time frame for processing an inmate;...
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Subject: Survive prison
Yes, you can, and you have some good reasoning behind wanting to do so. We encourage you to write using our Letter Service, it keeps your personal address anonymous. If he wants to write you back, he can do so to our address and we scan the mail and place it in your Account Dashboard under "Letters from Inmates".
Subject: Release questions
If what you are saying is accurate, 25% off 48 months is 12 months leaving 36 months of time. BUT, there are some other factors that could make the sentence even less, like if the judge allows this convict to have parole. If eligible they could conceivably get more time off but spend it on the streets as a parolee.
Subject: Prison food
Not great. The meal plans are prepared by a registered dietician with foods that meet the daily minimum requirements for calories, carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients. But, they use limited spices and condiments for taste, so the meals end up being somewhat bland.