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Subject: Prisoner transfer
Probation Detention Centers are minimum security facilities for confining probation violators up to 6 months. Offenders may be sent directly to the center as a sentencing option or if they prove unable to fulfill their probation obligations in the community, may be sent to the detention center as a result of a revocation proceeding. Transfer requests are not normally granted because of the short-term commitment.
Subject: Relationship issues
It is true that an inmate may file for divorce if they someone on the outside handling the actual court filing. The petition can be notarized in prison, and then that document must be filed with the family court in your jurisdiction. There is nothing to this that makes it "faster", but if you are sitting in prison, time is not a factor as you have plenty of it.
Subject: Relationship issues
As an inmate, you treated like anyone else. What goes on the outside is the same as the inside. If you treat others with respect, you will, in turn, get respect. If you mouth off, you're gonna get your coconut cracked. 
Subject: Relationship issues
Probably the hardest part is getting used to the fact that everyone you know on the outside (mostly wife and kids) are living their lives while you are locked up. You have absolutely no control over anything. It feels like you have died and are watching your loved ones live their life and you cannot participate. Your mind plays tricks with you, you lose faith in your relationship, etc.
Subject: Law questions - legal terms
Most facilities do not provide a forum for inmates to participate in civil lawsuits. The best you could hope for is the inmate to submit answers to the plaintiff's interrogatories. The inmate may then have their written answers notarized there.
Subject: Offender phone calls
Depending on the type of facility, there would be a delay for the inmate in the form of an orientation period, for instance, county inmates can often call right away. Usually, this is about a week from the time they arrive. This pertains mostly to federal or state inmates,
Subject: Prisoner transfer
It sounds like he was sentenced and is waiting for a bed to come available. Once they have space they will come for him and note that he will get credit for every day he spends in the county jail.
Subject: Inmate search
We have over 1.5 million active inmates in our database. 
Subject: Family services
Yes, the Inmateaid services are available in the Will County Detention Center. If you would like to try something out, let us know (by email at aid@inmateaid.com) and we will send you a coupon code.
Subject: Relationship issues
write them a letter, it will get the ball rolling