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Subject: Visitation
If he was roughed up, prepare the kids that he might have some boo boos and to not worry, he'll be okay. That way they will not be alarmed if he has a black eye or something visible like that.
Subject: Release questions
We would go with the government site, a good number of inmate profiles are added by our members. If you would like us to look into this particular case, send us an email to aid@inmateaid.com and we'll investigate.
Subject: Parole & probation
He will most probably have to finish the remainder of his original sentence. If he didn't catch another charge, he should be out in March or thereabouts.
Subject: Bond questions
Yes, that is the standard amount required by most bail bondsman
Subject: Sending mail inside
yes, eyeglasses are permitted
Subject: Website function questions
Answers are sometimes redundant or duplicates of what we have previously answered. All of your questions have been answered - and there are several similar answers posted on the site from months and years past.
Subject: Parole & probation
New charge or not, the violation sends him to the prison he was originally incarcerated to potentially complete the first sentence that he got parole/probation on, in its entirety.
Subject: After prison services
Inmates have a form they fill out which can transfer money from their commissary account to someone on the outside. In federal prison, the form is called a BP-199.
Subject: Marriage in prison
It depends on the facility, the inmate's disciplinary history and time left on his sentence. We recommend calling the facility to see what they will allow.
Subject: Sending mail inside
It's a very good question, you'd think that it would keep them calm. I would have loved to get pics like that. BUT, as you already know, they will send them back. We have people try every day to send nude pictures but they never get through... to ANY facility.