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Subject: Relationship issues
This is not unusual, in fact, this is the main problem with relationships in prison. The inmate has all day to create the worst possible scenarios in their brain about what is going on outside the walls. They don't have control of their situation and they have only their loved ones to take it out on. I used to tell people "i felt like i died and was forced to watch my family's life to go on without me". I...
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Subject: Offender phone calls
Yes, you have to set up a pre-paid account with the phone carrier at the facility. Use the number that we provided onto their service - it is the number that makes the calls 50% cheaper, but they are not free.
Subject: Offender phone calls
YES! With your number, the 15-minute call is $3.19, a local number would drop the call price to $1.72, you save $1.47 per call.
Subject: Survive prison
Maybe he doesnt have the money in his account to make outbound calls? We would recommend that you write him a letter and ask how he is doing. Find out if he needs money to be able to call you.
Subject: Offender phone calls
Yes, usually at 9:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Subject: Law questions - legal terms
When a defendant pleads guilty, they make a deal with the prosecutor. That deal is contingent upon a number of factors, but one factor is that the judge has the final say. There are cases where the recommended plea is not followed by the judge at sentencing. The problem with a plea is that once you say you are guilty, you give up all rights to file an appeal. 
Subject: Prison discipline
It might be on your end or on the inmate's end. If you were on a call and said something that caught the ear of a CO and reported you. If you attempted to add another person to the call while it was going (third-party calls are a no-no), that might do it. Or, the inmate is on some disciplinary period for violations inside. Regardless, you can call or write the warden and ask what specific rule was broken to...
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Subject: Offender phone calls
Yes it is, if you want to see if we can save you money, please send an email with your phone number and the facility - we will give you an honest estimate of the savings (if any)
Subject: Parole & probation
Parolees have been given a second chance. Violation of that second chance puts the offender in a very bad position. The judge that sentenced him will face him for this violation. The judge had to write on the Judgement and Commitment Order that parole was an option. Now, the judge will now take a hard-line for the next decision, since the inmate did not take the leniency seriously. We think he will do the remaining time on the old charge PLUS...
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