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Subject: Offender phone calls
It depends on the facility and the carrier at that facility - in some cases, there are savings of over 50%. If you are going to talk a lot, it might be worth looking into. In federal it's a central system that is beneficial if you have a local number. InmateAid gets them for only $5 per month - user/inmate save $45. Check it out by going to Discount Phone Lines to see if you can save too.
Subject: Commissary
In federal prison, size 17 shoes can be ordered from the commissary. But, they will provide one pair of work boots for everyday wear, sneakers are a commissary item so they will be charged (about $50)
Subject: Sentencing questions
Reception & Diagnostic Center (RDC) is where an inmate is first processed for their sentence in state prison. The intake process includes full medical, psychological, educational, and vocational examinations. This could take a couple of weeks to several months depending on the inmate, their sentence length, previous criminal history, current behavior, and bed space at their designated location where they will be housed for the balance of their sentence.
Subject: Sentencing questions
It is not common, but it happens more than you could imagine. Sentencing is a slippery slope for a defendant with "prior bad acts" as they can be used against you at sentencing. These acts might be alleged in the past but went unprosecuted. If there is some record of an investigation that went nowhere or a deposition that contained facts that were never prosecuted. The defendant's life history is contained in a Sentencing Memorandum that is filed with the Court....
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Subject: Sending mail inside
You can write her from her federal inmate profile - click here
Subject: Sending mail inside
No, it's between you and the inmate AND the corrections officer that opens it in the mailroom at the facility
Subject: Furloughs
There are several release options being offered to inmates with non-violent offenses. We are hearing that home confinement is the preferred method for these furloughed releases. Just a caution to the loved ones of possible release, they will have serious stipulations on the release and you can help make sure yours sticks to the rules because we are also hearing people violating within hours and then being sent back to the SHU. "Be careful" is all I'm saying.
Subject: Sending mail inside
Yes, you can! Click here:  Joe Exotic #26154-017    
Subject: Emergencies - natural disasters
Almost all in-person visitation is suspended until March 30, 2020. The inmate's movement, in many cases, is restricted so it is easy for them to enforce any type of quarantines necessary in the event that an inmate would contract Covid-19. 
Subject: Prison discipline
Administrative segregation refers to both a classification and a type of unit. There are at least three distinct types of segregation: administrative segregation, disciplinary segregation, and protective … Any of these types of segregation might involve a regimen of solitary (or near solitary) confinement. Administrative segregation (ad seg) is when an inmate is housed separately from the main prison population. In most prisons, ad seg is another term for solitary confinement. Typically, inmates get "put in the hole" if they violate prison rules,...
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