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Subject: Pending criminal charges
This sounds like attempted murder, which would be a very serious charge.
Subject: After prison services
This depends on the inmate's area of interest. The top picks include fitness magazines (Men's Fitness, Shape, Muscle and Fitness), entertainment magazines (In Touch, OK Weekly, Enquirer, Star), comic book magazines (Superman, Batman, Scooby, X-Men, Marvel, Looney Tunes, MAD), puzzle magazines (Word Find, Crossword, Sudoku, Logic Problems, Daily Word) to name a few favorite topics. Please let us know if you are interested, we will send you a discount coupon to get started.
Subject: Send books and magazines
There are no limits in state and federal prison. The county jail is different as the inmates have less storage space.
Subject: Relationship issues
You know this question could be answered either way. "Yes, he might be", or "no he really cares". Let's assume he likes talking with you and seeing you at the visitation. He likes that you are showing him attention. There is a chance that this relationship can grow beyond where it would have if he was out. Maybe you get to know each other better and he becomes more into you. Life is too short, you have to let this play...
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Subject: Prisoner transfer
We are very sorry to hear this news. Unfortunately, there are no parole provisions relating to a family member's health. There is however a way to get transferred closer to home. Your husband will need to petition their counselor and request a transfer. As long as there is bed space and the inmate has a clean disciplinary record.
Subject: After prison services
The InmateAid Discount Phone service will reduce the cost from $1.85 to connect and $0.88 cents/minute to a flat rate of only $0.21/minute. This payment still goes to Securus but the difference in a 15-minute call is significant. Your number is $15.05, our number is $3.15, a savings of $11.90 per call.   InmateAid stretches his call money 5 for one!
Subject: Offender phone calls
If you have the InmateAid Discount Telphone Service, your inmate will still be charged for the calls, but instead of costing $1.36 to connect and $0.66 per minute to talk, the entire 15-minute call will only cost 21 cents per minute or $3.15... huge savings. This is the ONLY way to save on calls because no other company can deliver the actual call except the one with the contract, in this case, Securus. The savings per call (of about $8.00 per...
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Subject: Visitation
We would strongly advise that you call the facility visiting room and get the rules. If they are doing an NCIC background check, it will come up. Most times if you get permission after letting them know you want to visit, they will grant you approval.
Subject: Parole & probation
Yes, 100%. The probation was her leniency. By breaching the generosity provided by the court, she has no other options but to finish out the remaining days left incarcerated.
Subject: Send books and magazines
All prisons have a commissary. The best way to let your inmate know that you're thinking about them is through communication. Writing letters, talking on the phone, going to visit. InmateAid was created to help you do all of the things that will keep you connected and make it easy and convenient. Letters, Pictures, Postcards, Greeting Cards, Magazines, Books, Calls (at a discount). Check them out...