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Subject: Offender phone calls
This depends on your phone number. If you would like an honest estimate, email us (aid@inmateaid.com) the name of the facility with your phone number and we will let you know the pricing options
Subject: General prison/jail questions
YES, 100%. email us at aid@inmateaid.com and we'll give you a coupon to try out any of the Services
Subject: Prisoner transfer
They probably broke rules serious enough that required placing them in a facility where the security level is higher. 
Subject: Offender phone calls
InmateAid numbers are selected by software matching the rate calculator prices for all numbers as they relate to the prison pricing and then delivering them to you via email and text
Subject: Survive prison
Both are a prison but in my opinion, the federal prisons are better because they have a bigger operating budget. The staff is well-paid and well-trained. The food is better with more choices. There are more vocational and educational opportunities. But, neither is better than freedom.
Subject: Prisoner transfer
It means that they are transferred to another facility of similar security level.
Subject: Visitation
Probably in a week or so
Subject: Parole & probation
A probation violation could be as severe as having to do the entire remaining time left on their original sentence to the judge feeling that they don't need any more time at all. The bottom line is that your loved one needs to WAKE UP and finish their probation without getting into trouble.
Subject: Relationship issues
probably not and if the domestic violence charge is about you, you might take this opportunity to run for the hills. there are plenty of men out there that will not do this to you. take your freedom back!
Subject: Parole & probation
There is no time limit. The parole board hearing is a privilege that is given by the sentencing judge. The detaining organization decides when the parole hearings will be held and for whom.