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Subject: Pending criminal charges
If there was a charge, then there will need to be court-based decision considering the prosecutor's position, were there any injuries or property damage, AND the criminal history will be a factor.  The person making the accusation will be interviewed and assess whether their statement is credible before proceeding.
Subject: Sentencing questions
Second time in, absolutely no parole. He will do 85% of his sentence this time.
Subject: Marriage in prison
You might be able to, but the prison rules for marriage are all different. We would suggest calling there and speaking to the chaplain.
Subject: Relationship issues
We all believe in second chances and in fact, InmateAid helps former inmates find great employment opportunities. It is our opinion that falling in love with someone in jail for murder is a slippery slope. First, there is the separation time that is the length of their sentence. Second, that time is not easy to do, waiting for someone to get out, dealing with the bad times (on the phone when he accuses you of cheating even if you're not)....
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Subject: Offender phone calls
Yes, you do, the application process is jail-related and is mandatory whether you use IA or not.
Subject: Offender phone calls
You cannot call the jail and speak to an inmate. The inmate must initiate the call.
Subject: Sex offenders
Yes, it definitely is an issue. It is not rampant, but it happens.
Subject: Sentencing questions
There is a sentencing date that can be obtained by contacting the Clerk of the Court of the county where they caught their charge. There are sentencing memorandums that both sides submit to the Court for sentencing recommendations. There are mandatory minimums that the judge has to consider, but nothing is known until the judge sets the sentence.
Subject: Visitation
He will have the option to remove you again if he is adamant about not seeing you right now. You might start by writing him a letter and seeing if you can work things out before resubmitting.
Subject: Family services
Yes, the mother cannot keep the baby in jail, BUT it is possible that she gets the baby when she gets out