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Subject: Relationship issues
At the risk of being too promotional for the merits of InmateAid, simply click on the Letters and Photos section write that inmate letting them know exactly how you feel. And keeping with the spirit of what we do, you can keep your location anonymous using our service, too.
Subject: Family services
There are agencies that offer support in varying degrees of effectiveness. What "help" were you seeking specifically, maybe we can point you in the right direction?
Subject: General prison/jail questions
Contact the Clerk of the Court for that information.
Subject: Survive prison
Inmates can and do get most anything smuggled in. Drugs and liquor are available inside and outside, therefore you have to stop worrying because if you cannot get him to stay sober on the outside, he will be spending a lot more time inside. The user has to want to quit, your "wanting it for them" is just complicating your life.
Subject: Release questions
Usually, they start out in a halfway house to get acclimated to the street again. Once there, the staff works to get them employed and housed for release from the halfway and have a successful reentry
Subject: Education & vocational training
Yes, there are many programs available for the inmates for alcohol and drugs, better known as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). They are not required per se, but they are encouraged to attend.
Subject: Marriage in prison
Our advice would be to hold off until he gets out. Create some memories with real wedding pics and not those of doing this while he has his prison uniform on. BUT, if you are hell-bent on proceeding, then you should call the chaplain and see if they will do the ceremony.
Subject: Family services
Wow, that is amazing that you are wanting to do this. First, find out where he is and then send him a letter. Get the communication going between you. Once you feel that he is open to a meeting, you can apply for visitation approval and then go see him.
Subject: Website function questions
we answer the questions every day. sometimes the question is redundant to others that have been already answered in this forum. use the search feature to see if that is the case for a question you might have asked.
Subject: Prison discipline
It would appear that your boyfriend got an incident report for some sort of internal violation for most likely possession of contraband. It could be a cellphone, drugs or something on the banned list. The penalty is disciplinary confinement which is the "hole", the SHU, or segregated housing used as punishment. It means limited contact with other inmates and limited privileges like no phone calls, no visitation or limited personal property.