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Subject: Visitation
Most prisons and jails have an array of vending machines. Make sure that you bring plenty of change and one dollar bills. Don't let the inmate handle the money, the guards may cancel your visit.
Subject: Sentence reduction
The Second Chance Act was passed by Congress in 2010 but the Bureau of Prisons has been slow to implement the law. The caveat in the law allows the BOP to use the statute "to their best discretion." Typically that means less being done than more. We have the actual statute on the site. CLICK HERE to download the 2nd Chance Act PDF
Subject: Education & vocational training
Most undergraduate degrees may be pursued through many traditional universities. LSU has a great program for inmates as do others. you may go to the "continuing education" section on the Home Page to see a wide variety of schools and programs to choose from.
Subject: Commissary
Federal prison is $320 per month. County jails and state prisons are generally $50-75 per week. Usually the shopping is on a designated day between certain hours.